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Available for Adoption

Here are some of the rabbits that we have in our care available for adoption. All with their own stories to tell and personal journeys to how they found themselves in rescue.
We do try and keep this page updated as much as possible but it is likely that we have other rabbits available for adoption who are not listed on this page. 

Bronte rabbit adoption


Age: Unknown                            
Gender: Female - vaccinated, neutered
Joined us: January 2024

Bronte is a confidant little bunny who is looking for her forever home after being found roaming the streets; therefore we have no knowledge of her history.


  Frankie & Cara


Age: 2 years

Gender: Male - neutered/vaccinated

Joined us: December 2023

Surrendered through no fault of his own. Now looking for his forever home. Becoming more confident now he has settled in his surroundings.

No known health conditions.

Onyx rabbit adoption


Age: Unknown
Gender: Male - Neutered/vaccinated
Joined us: 29th April 20

This sweet little boy has been with us way too long now. No fault of his own. He was found straying locally to us and after being cared for within a few months his finder realised they couldn't meet his needs and contacted us. 



Age: Almost 2 years
Gender: Male - neutered/ vaccinated
Joined us: 17th Dec '23

Topher is a very sweet boy. He has had his front teeth removed due to malocclusion but this doesn't cause him any issue. He may just need his fresh food chopping into smaller pieces. 



Age: Unknown
Gender:  male - Neutered / vaccinated
Joined us: 10th April '24

This little guy was handed into the vets as a stray. we're unsure if the finders were the actual owners. He's not been with us long so he's still settling in.


                  Morgan & Matilda

Age: 4 & 2 years
Gender: Female - vaccinated, neutered
Joined us: December 2023

These 2 are a mother/daughter duo who joined us through no fault of their own. They are a lovely inquisitive pair who need their forever home.

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