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How you can help

As a rescue we rely on the public for donations and support to enable us to continue our mission to help rabbits that desperately need us.

Please see ideas below on how you could help us continue our passion to raise the understanding and awareness of the correct care for these sentient animals and to find their permanent loving homes.

Why not become a fosterer for us? 

One of our fosterers Sue says:


'This is a wonderful way of helping YRR care for rabbits in urgent need when the rescue has no available space for them, whether they are indoor or outdoor  bunnies, all the time still being supported by YRR when needed. You get all of the satisfaction of taking care of these precious animals knowing that there time with you is temporary. Whilst they are in your care the one on one time they get with you helps them adjust to their new set up; this is also a good time to get them litter trained too. If they haven't already been neutered and vaccinated this is done so that they are ready to go to their furever home. In some cases I have had updates from the owners of bunnies I have fostered and it gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to see how happy and settled they are with their new bunny companions.

We have a YRR Fosterers Facebook page where we post updates on our foster bunnies and where you can get involved in fundraising for the rescue if we wish to.

Do you have space in your heart and your home for a rabbit who needs you on a temporary basis? We are looking for people who would like to care for rabbits whilst being supported by us. There is a constant flow of rabbits needing rescue space and sadly we can't help them all; but the more fosterers we have the less rabbits we need to turn away. Rabbits that have extra needs benefit from this one on one care; although not all of the rabbits that are out in foster homes have extra needs.

What does this involve?

Fostering for YRR means setting up a suitable space for the rabbit(s) that are going to be in your care that is separate to your own pets. We can provide equipment and food if required and all veterinary costs are covered by us. If you are able to transport the rabbits to their veterinary appointments that would be helpful but not compulsory unless in an emergency situation. Unfortunately we are unable to provide outdoor accommodation for them.

If you are interested contact us with any questions you may have.

Amazon Wish List:

Our Amazon Wish List contains lots of items we use for the bunnies on a daily basis; from bin liners to toys, treats and medications. Would you like to help us by purchasing some surprise gifts for the bunnies? That way we can then put the

saved money towards vet bills and helping more rabbits. Click on the Amazon logo to visit our wish list...





We regularly hold online fundraising auctions via our Facebook page and are always looking for items we can list in these auctions. Please see some ideas of items below:

  • Gift sets

  • Toiletries

  • Jewellery

  • Ornaments

  • Household Décor

  • DVDs

  • Purses/Bags

  • Accessories (e.g. Scarves)

  • Vouchers


There are lots of fun ways to donate. Here are some ideas:

  • Sponsorship - we recently had someone do a dry January and raised money for us by getting sponsors.

  • Offer services - if you offer services we could list, for example we had a lady kindly donated 12 of her home baked cupcakes, another lady donated tarot card readings, then please get in touch.

  • Gift donation - struggling to find that perfect gift? Some people have left a donation in the name of a loved one. In return we have sent a certificate, keyring, calendar etc.

  • Honouring late loved ones - would your late loved one appreciate a donation in their name? We had a very kind lady send us a donation this year which they thought their loved one would appreciate a lot more than flowers being left for them. In return we named one of our rescue bunnies after them.

  • Simply send us a donation. We can't thank all our supporters enough, without their help who knows where the rabbits that join us would end up.         


We now have a Vinted account where we have various items for sale that have been donated to us to raise funds for the for the rabbits in our care.

Take a look and see what's available. 


This is a fantastic way for us to raise money! The big bonus is that its so simple to use and doesn't cost you a penny! If you shop online you can help. 

Easyfundraising is a website where you can search for popular online shops, such as Amazon/Next/New Look, even grocery shopping and holidays. If you choose to support us through this scheme....once you've purchased your items we receive a

percentage of what you have spent donated to us. So far our supporters have raised £1,433.00 for the rescue which is absolutely amazing and will go a long way to cover costs.

Please click on the easyfundraising logo to get started...

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