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Pen Sponsorship


NEW for 2023. We're introducing our rabbit pen sponsorship.
At Yorkshire Rabbit Retreat's main base 
we have twelve 6 x 4 foot pens.

We are a small rescue and this means we sadly don't have space

for permanent sanctuary buns (with ongoing health issues). These rabbits

stay in our care until we find a suitable home for them. We have been

working behind the scenes to bring you this new exciting sponsorship 


How will it work?
All 12 of our rabbit pens have been aptly named to allow you to choose which one you would like to support.
For now the package is a basic one whilst we get up and running with the programme. This may then be added to in the future. 

For £5 a month or £60 for the year you can sponsor one of our pens which will help us feed the rabbits and fund any maintenance needed on the pens. You will receive a newsletter update via email which will include information on the rabbit currently occupying your chosen pen. This also may include information once they find their forever home. This process will repeat for the next rabbit we are able to help. The updates will be irregular due to rabbits being with us for different lengths of time. You will also receive a digital certificate which you can print out at home. Please complete the form below to start your sponsorship journey!!

Sign up to our sponsorship!

Follow your rabbits story.

Thank you for signing up; you will soon receive an email from us with a personal reference number and payment details.

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