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Outdoor Rabbit Housing

"A hutch 

should only ever be a shelter."

"A hutch is not enough."

Unfortunately most hutches supplied by pet shops are not

suitable. Rabbits need room to be able to stand on their hind

legs and stretch out.... all the natural behaviours they need

to express. Small hutches can cause a number of problems,

behavioural and health wise. There are loads of alternative

ideas out there now.


Rabbits need lots of safe space to exercise in. For this reason we suggest a large hutch or shed with an exercise run permanently attached so that the rabbits can decide when they want to shelter, and when to play. Rabbits are most active at dawn and dusk - they’re 'crepuscular' - so lifting them from hutch to run for a few hours in the daytime just doesn’t suit their body clocks and instincts. This can lead to frustration and aggression. In addition to their hutch/shed and run they would really enjoy free run of the garden (or rabbit proofed parts of the house) when supervised. 



The RWAF recommend a hutch no smaller than 6ft x 2ft x2ft, with an attached exercise run of 8ft long, 6ft wide and 3ft tall. This sounds very large but in reality this is only 4 hops on average!



The rabbits' exercise run can be located on concrete, slabs, decking or on grass. Rabbits whose exercise run is on a lawn will enjoy access to grass every day, which is great for their teeth and digestive systems and will keep them busy. But be aware that unless you take appropriate precautions, they are likely to dig their way out which could put them at risk from predators. So, if you have your run on grass either make sure you move it regularly, fit a wire-mesh  skirt or set paving slabs around the perimeter to make it more difficult for your rabbits to tunnel out or a predator to tunnel in!

If you are interested in adopting a bunny from us we always ask for photos of the accommodation you will be offering so please ensure your accommodation is suitable. It is always worth contacting us before choosing your housing for the bunnies. Please see some examples below and click on the links for more ideas.

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