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Success Stories 

Here are some of our adoption success stories... Thank you so much to everyone that has offered one of our bunnies a brilliant forever home. We always love receiving updates about how they are getting on.

5th October 2022 - Aurora and Skadi are two older girls that had been with us for over a year. They were originally accepted as foster bunnies when our fosterer had lost one of her pair of bunnies but wasn't ready to 'replace' him. They shortly became 'failed fosters' and were adopted and now share their home with Jasper who was found wandering the streets but was never claimed 😢. Jasper had to be neutered and vaccinated before being introduced to the girls but they were firm friends within days of starting the bonding process. All three make a perfect fluffle with the girls having the patience of a saint living with Jasper and his shenanigans!

Aurora & Jasper (2)_edited.jpg
Fluffle (5)_edited.jpg

2nd January 2020 - Penny went to her new home with a gorgeous continental named Harvey to snuggle up to. She joined us in October 2019 due to her owner not being able to provide Penny with what she needed... a friend. She was with us  a little over a month before she joined her new home. She looks well and truly settled; we've also seen videos of her binkying away in the garden :) 

2nd Jan 20.jpg
2nd Jan 20 3.jpg
2nd Jan 20 2.jpg
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