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Indoor Rabbit Housing

Sharing your home with rabbits can be a wonderful experience

but it’s not something to be taken lightly. Please ensure you know

what is entailed before making this commitment. The house

needs to be ‘bunny proofed’ and the rabbits will

need their own safe area.

Even though house rabbits will get more interaction with you they still need a companion of their own species to live with. Rabbits need lots of safe space to exercise in and are most active at dawn and dusk - they’re 'crepuscular' - so letting them out of a hutch for only a few hours a day just doesn’t suit their body clocks and instincts.



The RWAF recommend a single enclosed area of at least 3m x 2m x 1m height. This sounds very large but in reality this is only 4 hops on average!



Your rabbits must be safe from other pets, house plants that may be poisonous, electric wires and escaping. Rabbit-proofing your home is essential and you need to be prepared for occasional toilet accidents, nibbling of furniture or skirting boards and lots of fur in moulting season. Rabbits can often slip on hard floor so carpet tiles or textured floors can help them feel more comfortable to run around. Options can include:

Free range: The rabbit is given free run of all or a specific part of the house. It is important that the rabbits still have a place where they feel secure e.g. an open pen containing hay, water and sleeping area/shelter

Particular room: This could be a kitchen or living room for example. Be aware that conservatories can get extremely hot in the summer so unless the temperature can be managed effectively it is not ideal.

Part of a room: This is where the rabbits are given a pen or enclosure to live in, e.g. dog crates or puppy pens. It is essential that these meet or exceed the recommended minimum size. 

If you are interested in adopting a bunny from us we always ask for photos of the accommodation you will be offering, so please ensure your accommodation is suitable. It is always worth contacting us before choosing your housing for the bunnies. Please see some examples below and click on the links for more ideas.

"A hutch 

should only ever be a shelter."

"A hutch is not enough."

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